The service we offer includes factory evaluation and product negotiation, product development, sample follow up, production control and shipping follow up, quality control and social compliance auditing.

Factory Management Service

Direct facilitator with factories of aspects such as Product Development, T&A, WIP control and communication aspects. Providing the customer with accurate feedback of what is happening in the field to make on time decisions for correcting actions. Understanding the situation at factory level to advise both sides and in that way avoid future problems. Training factory representatives of specific details that the customer needs to transfer to the factory, providing an economic way to multi train several factories with the same and accurate knowledge..

Textile Sourcing and Developing Service

Involvement in finding the right textile link in the area for the specific needs and price points of the customer, participating in the developing, pricing and engaging the designated mill with the factory.

Product Development Service

With our teamĀ“s expertise, we will help our customers in the product development until the final product is developed for production. The process involves a combination of the entire supply chain: fabric mills, trim suppliers, the customer and the factory to achieve a fast and successful development.

Sample Production Services

ZYA Group has an special engagement team to produce perfect samples for our customers, from prototype samples to full production of salesman samples, providing a library of fabrics and/ or coordinating with the customers and mills/ suppliers to get the right materials on time, samples will be manufactured and ship to final destination.

Quality Assurance Services

A complete dedicated and independent service of quality assurance and quality control devoted to the customer, following only customer standards and avoiding high fees but guaranteeing a level of quality and on time execution. Not only doing final quality control audits at the end of the process, but checking at earliest stages of the process, such as fabric quality, shade bands, trim conformance, TOP approval and in line checking.

Social and Sustaninability Compliance Services

ZYA Group has senior experts in staff to conduct pre-audits, do consulting pre-audits or just audit for customers that do not require an international firm to perform it. ZYA GROUP is connected with the regional compliance auditors to coordinate audits and follow ups.

ZYA GROUP will assign personnel according to the level of services required by the US customer, also, these personnel will be exclusive for the specific customer, serving directly to the customer but under the supervision of ZYA GROUP senior management at all times and in all aspects.